Weekly Love Horoscope,February 11 to February 17, 2019.


Aries, spice things up this week and add some color to your life. Things may have been dull in some aspects, so think of ways to add variety. Let your creativity flow in so that ideas will go beyond what you can imagine. Pay attention to your love life this week and give undivided attention to your partner. A sweet surprise can lighten up their day. Quality time is all you need when you feel lacking in direction, Aries.



Taurus, communication will play a major role this week. A situation will arise which will tempt you to confront the person and go overboard. This will end up with both of you feeling awful for letting emotions take control over the entire issue. Instead, focus on the calm energy to help you gain self-discipline. You will be focused on the solution rather than the problem. No one wins in the blame game. Have an ear to listen, Taurus.



Gemini, even if you plan out the entire week, if the energy won’t support it, nothing is final. Be more flexible and open to change. Trust that everything happens for a reason. If plans don’t eventuate, it only means it’s they are not good enough for you. Just keep moving forward and enjoy life’s journey. A big decision needs to be made by midweek. Make sure to discuss things with your partner and make an educated decision together, Gemini.
Cancer, things will fall into place as harmony spreads in all your endeavors. You are in a good place and there is overwhelming love and support coming from your partner. Set the bar higher as you accomplish your current goals. It is when you and your partner have the same vision that your relationship will solidify further. Celebrate small wins and you will be motivated to do more and give more of yourself, Cancer.
Leo, communication will be at the center of your week. You will gain the confidence to speak up and express your thoughts and opinions. An opportunity related to your career will be presented to you. This may or may not be directly aligned with your goals, but consider this an opportunity for growth. Change is coming and if you want to be able to adapt, embrace it with full heart and mind. Open your eyes to see the bigger vision, Leo.
Virgo, this week will center on your financial health. If you are having a difficult time looking for ways to pay your bills, don’t worry as a shift in energy will end this dilemma. Instead of letting anxiety build up and paralyze you, have a positive outlook and remember that things will eventually get better. To prevent this from reoccurring, always work within your budget. Your partner will be very supportive in this trying times, Virgo.
Libra, past issues will come up this week and this could lead to some misunderstandings with your partner. Communication will be a key highlight this week. You will feel confident to express your opinions when emotional situations arise. Focus on the facts and you will not have to worry about anything. Make sure to settle all issues so that everybody can move on. Trust your intuition and listen to your heart, Libra.
Scorpio, look at things on a bigger perspective. Dig deeper to find out why your emotions are running high. It is not healthy to let your emotions take control of your decision making. You and the people around you might end up feeling hurt or offended. Turn to your partner for support as you try to untangle this entire situation. You will be filled with love and affection in the midst of this challenge, and you will end up victorious, Scorpio.
Sagittarius, don’t feel guilty if you prefer to spend some quiet time to yourself this week. It’s not about depriving your partner of attention, but more about being fully capable of giving back love and affection. You can’t give what you do not have, so take time to recharge your spirit. This will result into an even deeper bond between you and your partner. Have a positive outlook to attract more energy in all areas of your life, Sagittarius.
Capricorn, events this week will center on developing a deeper connection between you and your partner. You will be each other’s strength when one is weak. Positive energy will be flowing in to help you support your partner facing career-related struggles. There is an abundance of opportunities this week. Open your eyes and see the possibilities in all aspects of your life. If faced with a big decision, discuss this with your partner, Capricorn.
Aquarius, misunderstandings may come up this week. If a tiny issue leads to a bigger one you need to choose to remain calm and see through it all. Take control of your emotions and do your best to explain the facts. Communication can either mend what is broken or make things worse. The ball is in your hands. Take the right action to restore harmony quickly. This is just a part of the journey, so just enjoy the ride, Aquarius.
Pisces, when situations arise, there is a temptation to voice your opinion. This week, it might be wiser to keep quiet and let things happen naturally before communicating your thoughts and feelings. An unexpected event may take place so it will be best to have a wait-and-see approach this week. You will realize why things happened in the past and you’ll now be able to connect the dots. Harmony and peace will be restored, Pisces.

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