Weekend Love Horoscope,September 13 to September 15, 2019


Aries, there might be an imbalance in energy levels this weekend as the full moon nears on September 14th. Listen to your body and stay indoors if you need to rest. You may want to  go out and socialise. You will have differing needs, so respond accordingly. Find your corner and recharge your body, mind and soul. Detoxify to release the negative vibes. When a big opportunity arrives, you will be ready with a bring-it-on attitude, Aries.



Taurus, you and your partner may need to settle your differences and put an end to uncertainties. Communication will be a strong feature in your chart when the full moon rises on September 14th. Focus on how you can address the issues and move forward. When you are able to assert yourself, you will gain confidence in your relationship. Your partner will respond better with this slight change, Taurus.



Gemini, you will be needing to extend your patience and be more understanding this weekend. It will be hard to comprehend what’s going on exactly, but safe to say, the negative energy passing through could be disrupting your otherwise peaceful weekend. As the full moon rises on September 14th, the overall vibe will start to calm down. The balance of energy will put your relationship at ease. There is nothing to worry about if you know your partner well, Gemini.



Cancer, keeping secrets about financial matters can create unnecessary conflict with your partner. This could be a sensitive issue, so be brave and talk about it. Monitor your combined cash flow to help see the bigger picture and make adjustments to your lifestyle. The full moon rising on September 14th can pacify the surroundings. What you learn from this experience, keep it close to your heart. Don’t let money issues damage your relationship, Cancer.



Leo, quality time with your love will be worth it. This weekend, you will be filled with love and happiness as your focus will be on nurturing your relationship. Express your deepest desires, and even show your vulnerabilities. The energy flowing through on the rise of the full moon on September 14th may bring in inspiration to dream bigger. When you are content with your life, you have the tendency to give more to your loved ones, Leo.



Virgo, be careful not to bring up past issues with your partner. This weekend could be a shaky one for your relationship if you let your negative emotions dominate your mood. Jealousy could be a culprit, but allowing it to take charge is your accountability. Stop and think about where this is headed. Always be reminded of your objectives before you take action. The full moon on September 14th may help bring back the harmony, Virgo.



Libra, with everything that’s been going on in your life, choosing who to talk to can give you peace of mind. Surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook in life. Emotions might run high this weekend between you and your partner. The calm energy on the full moon on September 14th may help you think things through. If you are hurt, speak up. Communicate how you are feeling so that events like this would be avoided, Libra.



Scorpio, unburden yourself this weekend by disclosing to your partner your hard-kept secrets. Your openness and trust with your partner should not even be a question. The full moon on September 14th is a chance to make amends. New beginnings are probable this weekend. If you accept that what needs to be changed in your relationship, things will turn out well, Scorpio.



Sagittarius, a bump off on your schedule might annoy your otherwise well-planned weekend. Take it easy, look at the bright side. Check in with your partner to see what you can do together. As the full moon approaches on September 14, a family member might have big news to share. Open your ears and listen intently. This might be a once in a lifetime event, Sagittarius.



Capricorn, it might feel awkward if you partner decides they want some time alone this weekend. If you want to pursue a new activity, be comfortable to do it on your own. You will be delighted with new self-discoveries, and this will give you a sense of pride and confidence. As the full moon rises on September 14th, things will slowly go back to normal. If there are concerns you wish to discuss, now is the time to do it. Harmony will help you manage these serious talks with your partner, Capricorn.



Aquarius, pay attention to the energy passing through as the full moon approaches on September 14th. There is a strong focus on self empowerment. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you are likely to make the right decision rather than be dependent on your partner. Be careful with the intensity of your passion as your response could lead to a misunderstanding. You might insist on what you believe is the best option, but also consider the peace and harmony in your relationship. Stay optimistic, Aquarius.



Pisces, there is a strong urge to stay indoors over the weekend. You and your partner may find inspiration to redecorate your home to bring in more warmth and positivity. With the full moon rising on September 14th, harmony will fill the air. There could be an opportunity to challenge your teamwork and stretch yourself. You will be delighted to see the progress in your relationship. Keep the passion alive and be spontaneous, Pisces.

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