Virgo Weekend Love Horoscope,June 14 to June 16, 2019.

Weekend Love Horoscope

Virgo, a minor misunderstanding might put you off this weekend. Make sure to go through your plans with your partner to avoid conflicting schedules. Communication will play a major role this weekend, pay attention to your partner. Some alone time to relax and recharge may greatly benefit you as well. Clear your mind and heart from any stress and refrain from holding a grudge. Focus on gaining more positive energy, Virgo.
Single Virgo, love is in the air so be ready for what may happen this weekend. An old flame may show up and you might be confused with the intention. Instead of making hasty decisions, listen to your heart. Allow your intuition to pull you to the right direction. If you find yourself divided, turn to your close friends for advice. Ask help in weighing the pros and cons to avoid any bias. You will be supported in your decision, Virgo.

DAILY Love Horoscope,Jun 15, 2019 .

Love is a mixed bag today, with the current aspect at play. On the one hand, you are deeply and passionately attracted to someone rather gorgeous, and yet you are also being pursued by another whom you would rather keep at a distance. You need to get different messages across to each of them so that things can progress rapidly in the direction of your dreams.

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