Virgo Love Horoscope for Wednesday , June 12, 2019.

You wish to confront your partner on a certain issue. Although you know you have no basis for confrontation, the issue seems to rest heavily on your heart and give a bad feeling. You feel it is a good idea to confide in your partner so as to let him/her know how you feel. The stars are dissuading you from taking the hasty step.


You and your partner have been together for a very long time. The love and trust between you two is very strong and cannot be shaken by petty issues. Although it is a good idea to not keep secrets between you two, some discussions can hurt more than do good. If you still wish to discuss it, tact is advised to the highest degree. Your partner trusts you to trust him/her in every matter in love, especially his/her faith. Any indiscreet statement can hurt him/her deeply. Therefore, try to solve the issue outwardly, instead of making it a point of discussion in your relationship.


Today, it will be a good idea to take time off work to prepare yourself. Avoid bright colors so as to not invite trouble and be around calming influences such as water. You might be the one overreacting and the presence of your partner and the calming influence will be of help and maybe pave way for a much better bonding today. Your love is strong and should not be stressed by petty issues.


Lucky colors – gray, light yellow
Lucky numbers – 7, 16, 22, 39, 41

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