Scorpio Weekend Love Horoscope,June 14 to June 16, 2019.

Weekend Love Horoscope

Scorpio, everything may run smoothly this weekend. You will be on track with your schedule and ticking off your tasks will give you a happy feeling. You might find additional inspiration when the positive energy comes in. If this calls for some adventure, go for it. Love is a strong feature this weekend. Make some time for intimate moments together and let passion arise. This may also be a perfect time to talk about future plans, Scorpio.
Single Scorpio, start off your weekend with quiet introspection. Look within and you will discover your happiness. You will realise that your life does not have to depend on other people, and this will be your strength. Opportunities to socialise and meet new people will be abundant this weekend. Leverage on your cheerful and confident personality to achieve what you want. Someone may take notice and approach you. Be open to possibilities, Scorpio.

DAILY Love Horoscope,Jun 15, 2019 .

Change is very much in the air today, with the current astral configuration. You may have become very aware that you have mixed feelings toward your latest partner. What seemed to start out as very promising suddenly seems to have gone downhill at an alarming rate. You can do something positive about this if you really care, but it does mean being very honest.

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