Sagittarius Love Horoscope for Wednesday , May 15, 2019.

You and your partner are deeply in love with each other and just cannot afford to live without each other! But your families fail to understand your emotions and just want to dump their old and orthodox traditional values onto you!You guys are perplexed and have no idea which way to go ahead!

Best would be to sit back and watch! Pray to God for what you want and be courteous to the remarks of your elders. This will soothe them firstly, and then you can present your point of view. Try to make them aware of the fact that no matter what you do, societies will always find faults with it then why to sacrifice what you want for their sake? This way go slowly and massage their egos.

If you think it is safe, then make your beloved visit your friends and family along with yourself. Carry gifts for them and bombard them with the sugar coated talks. Be a little soft to the uncanny stares and glares! Financially you two will grow today. You guys may receive sudden unexpected wealth. It may be a good return of your past investments or you may be paid in advance for the services you will be offering later to the clients!For those couples who are working together will get assignments involving collective efforts. This will surely help form stronger bonds between the two of you.


Lucky colors: burgundy, baby pink and ivory black.
Lucky numbers: 2, 6, 9, 13

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