Sagittarius Love Horoscope for Thursday,October 10, 2019

There are going to be unexpected twists and turns in your romantic relationship today. There is a strong possibility that an old flame or someone from your past will reappear in your life now. You may have been disappointed in love with this person before or circumstances might have worked to separate you two. You have tried to move on but have not been very successful in your efforts.

Today, this person from your past is likely to reenter your life in such a big way that you will not be able to ignore him / her. This may lead to two things. Either you will reignite the passion and resolve all your old differences as both of you are more mature now. The other option is that you will finally resolve all your old feelings with this person and will be finally able to put all these behind you and start the quest of a new relationship.


No matter in which direction it moves, this event will help to resolve the impasse that has caused your romantic life to live in a limbo since you separated from this person. It is now time to look deep into your heart setting aside your pride and take a serious decision about what you want to do about this person.The object of your romantic feeling will be supportive of any decision that you make and will not create any pressure on you. Hence it is totally up to you what to do and you will receive full support from this person from your past as well as from any current partner that you may be having.

Lucky color: rose, rust, pink
Lucky number: 8, 5, 31

Author: lovescope

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