Pisces Love Horoscope for Wednesday , May 15, 2019.

The season is not very comfortable and makes one prone to sickness. And that is exactly what has happened today. You are not in the pink of health and miss your sweetie a lot. You are reminiscing of old times and missing your partner a lot. You wish you could spend time decently with him/her but it is difficult as you are ill. Your partner has been visiting you and taking care of you frequently.


Therefore, you feel depressed as you feel you will never be able to measure up to your partner after the way them have been looking after you. You feel guilty for losing out on your together time and instead making your partner spend all their time on you, looking after all your needs. What the stars need you to know is secretly your partner is extremely happy them can do this for you. Your partner is an extremely caring person who always wants to be beside you and support you. And now he/she has found the ideal opportunity to do so.


Therefore, lay back and enjoy your partner’s love and attention. If you wish to, you two can have an old fashioned romantic time together with a home cooked meal, flowers, soft music and maybe a romantic movie. Avoid strong smells, bright lights and loud music. Subtle scents will be advisable today. Intimate time is on the cards. After all, you two are meant to be.


Lucky colors – mustard yellow, navy blue
Lucky numbers – 8, 12, 20, 31

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