Pisces Love Horoscope for Thursday, May 16, 2019.

Today is a day of retrospection for you and your partner. Health has not been well during the past week due to which your relationship has been strained. But this week has a lot of happiness in store for you. You can expect a lazy day with your partner, swapping notes and maybe a small coffee date.  You expect a lot of attention today and are receptive to kindness and compassion. You will need to be attentive towards your partner and understand his/her issues.

Your partner is very supportive of you. He/ she understands what you need without you expressing every time. There might be gossip in the air which might be detrimental to your interests. Do not pay heed to any such gossip. They are simply rumors. Your relationship is in your own hands and you have a caring partner. Therefore, make the best of it and have a great day. Take some time off and pamper yourself. These efforts will be rewarded when you meet your partner today. Concentrate on your hair and try something new with it to give it a new look.

In case of minor disagreements, do not let it escalate. In fact, you two have very interesting personalities which makes it very difficult for you to quarrel. You revel in each other’s company and constantly try to make life interesting for each other. Both of you are supportive of each other’s choices which make you a very stable couple.

Lucky color – Peacock blue
Lucky number – 12, 46, 57

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