Pisces Love Horoscope for Monday, January 20, 2020

If you are single, this is an excellent day to embark on a new relationship. Enjoy your social life and in fact go out partying and meet as many new people as possible. You may come across someone whose tastes and opinions will mesh beautifully with you. If you are already in a committed relationship or even casually seeing someone, be sure to go out in a social situation together. You will come to discover an unknown and unexpected facet of the character of your partner. The day is ideal for having fun and making unexpected but pleasant discoveries about people around you.

Your partner on the other hand is rather stressed out possibly due to work and may not be in a mood to socialize. But actually this downtime will also be good for him / her. So, persuade your partner to go out with you and make sure to get together with lots of friends, preferably with loud music and lots of dancing. A party theme will work better for both of you today instead of romantic intimacy.


Do not go for an elegant occasion with sophistication; rather relax with friends and truly let your hair down. Your partner probably does not recognize this, but this friendly casual outing is just what is needed to take care of the work related stress and to enjoy the lighter side of your relationship. If you are single and trying to impress someone, you will receive a favorable response, provided you give free reign to your sense of humor instead of trying to be the dark brooding type.

Lucky color: mustard, plum, moss green
Lucky number: 54, 23, 8

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