Pisces Love Horoscope for Friday , July 12, 2019

There is a hint of sickness in the air. You or your partner could catch a sniffle or be down with a nasty bout of flu. But the good part is that you or your partner could get to see the caring part of each other today.You and your partner are very caring and sensitive by nature. One might say you are next in line for the Peace Nobel judging by the way you go out and help people.


As you and your partner are still savoring the initial thrill of your relationship together, you have seen the outgoing and adventuresome avatar of each other. Today will be a good break from all that and a settled relaxed day is in store for you today. You will see your partner nursing you with a love you have never anticipated to come from the energetic persona you have always seen in him/her. Or it could be the opposite with you surprising your partner instead. Instead of going out today, it is a good idea to spend the day indoors with a steaming mug of coffee under the covers and spending time in casual talk or intimate interactions.

Focus all your attentions on each other. Spend time exploring each other’s life the way you have never done before. This day is crucial in your love life as it will help you realize each other for you who you are. This will further strengthen your already strong bond.

Lucky colors – magenta, crimson red
Lucky numbers – 1, 5, 11, 18, 21

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