Pisces Love Horoscope for Friday, August 23, 2019

The stars have lined up to create a most intriguing time in your romantic life. You will be forced to confront a more passionate side of your character which you have always tried to keep buried. Events from your past or some social conditioning may have convinced you to deny your true feelings, but this has been becoming more and more difficult in the recent days.


Your control will be sorely tested today in this regard and is very likely to be swept away. You will begin to realize that denying your own passion is not the solution to anything and will feel a powerful urge to express your true feelings. Overall, you will experience conflicting emotions – all of which will push you towards a more passionate behavior.

It is the attitude of your partner which will lure you most to acknowledge your own innermost feelings. It is your partner who realizes the deep well of passion that you have and which you have been keeping under strict control for reasons best known to you. Your partner will set up a systematic assault on your senses which you will find difficult to resist. Your partner will also help you realize that there is nothing wrong in enjoying the deeper passions that you actually long to do. But it is up to you to let yourself go and explore your senses. Your partner understands you better than yourself at this time.


Lucky color: scarlet, orange, crimson
Lucky number: 8, 90, 31

Author: lovescope

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