Sagittarius Love Horoscope for Wednesday, September 18, 2019

You are going to feel extremely active today. Your go-getter attitude is manifest in every aspect of life and matters of the heart are no exception. You are no longer contented to let things progress at their own pace. Till now you have been satisfied to let your partner dictate the terms of your relationship. You have in fact welcomed the wait and watch attitude that your partner has set up. Instead, you will feel the urge to do something decisive about your relationship.


You may also have been matching your stride to that of your partner in your relationship, but now you are going to lay down your own terms. You want something happening in your relationship and if it does not happen by itself, you will make it happen.Your partner has never liked your leisurely attitude though you have probably never understood what his / her true feelings are.


Your new attitude where you are ready to take charge and take the relationship to a new and more mature level is going to impress your partner very favorably. Your partner will take your energy and willingness to do something decisive in a highly positive light. You will appear even more romantic and desirable to your partner and this will be reflected in his / her attitude towards you. So, get ready for some seriously passionate interlude with your partner, though you should not make it a habit to always exhibit such dominance.


Lucky color: brown, rust, orange
Lucky number: 4, 98, 21

Author: lovescope

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