Libra Love Horoscope for Tuesday , July 16, 2019

You think you are not ready for it, but your relationship is about to take a serious turn whether you want it or not. You have been enjoying a light and fun filled relationship with your partner and have been satisfied with a pretty face and a fun companion for your social activities. But, new aspects about the character of your partner will be revealed to you. On the other hand, you too were not interested in delving into the depth of your feelings. But your partner will now refuse to be shut out.


You may even get an ultimatum to either talk about your feelings or to take a break from the relationship. It may seem harsh at first, but this will help you to actually sit down and talk with your partner as well as examine your own feelings.Your partner has been very patient with you. He / she have waited for you to understand that your partner is committed to you and is in this relationship for the long haul, even if you insist on just enjoying the moment.


But now, the patience of your partner is approaching its end. You need to talk to each other to understand your true understanding and aspirations from this relationship and the quality will be much better after you have the talk. The only condition is that you must be completely honest about your feelings and talk openly about them.


Lucky color: rust, brown, orange
Lucky number: 32, 12, 8

Author: lovescope

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