Leo Love Horoscope for Monday, February 11, 2019

You and your partner love each other very much and in a way, your love ties you two together into the same fabric of emotions. Whenever one of you is upset, it brings the other down. Whenever one is happy, the other gets happy too. This way, you two can sense each other’s state of mind and act accordingly.Today your partner is upset and it is infectious.


You feel sad too but you must not let this affect you. Devote the day in cheering him/her up. Indulge in activities that you two enjoy doing together. Take your partner out on a surprise meal and keep him/her on his/her feet all the time. Do not let silent moments pass as it may plunge him/her into gloomy reveries. Your partner needs your support and you will have to be strong and give it to him/her.

Your cheerful disposition and an ability to keep moods high even when people are down is a gift you have. Use it today and keep your partner’s spirits high. Instead of going for a quiet walk, go for a hilarious movie or gaming spree to keep their mind off things. Do not try to cheer him/her with promises though. Today is simply not a day for the future. Today is all about living in the present and bonding over understanding and emotions. This, in fact, will take you a long way ahead. A simple surprise gift will be a good idea. Try to stay away from sharp objects.

Lucky colors – magenta, cyan
Lucky numbers – 4, 14, 19, 23, 30

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