Leo Love Horoscope for Monday, April 15, 2019.

You are a genius when it comes to dressing sense! Your partner finds this quality of yours to be the best in you and of course your love acts too! You may have never realized this before that this is the best gift you can present them with! However there may be other things which can turn them on like fashionable clothing, glittery ornaments, beauty treatment or it may be a small shopping trip even! Any of these will work perfectly to help you regain and retain the interest of your partner in you!


Lately due to certain circumstances the bond of love shared by the two of you had ebbed away! Just hold on for a while and make your partner understand that nothing else matters to you more than them! Be it work or money or fame, you will put all of it at stake if you have to choose between these materialistic things and your partner. Focus on increasing the level of twinning between the two of you.


Even if you will try to be a little bawdy then it is going to make your partner burst into laughter. Delay until tomorrow all the serious decisions, like the moves you wanted to make in fiscal or financial matters. You don’t have to wait for long; your partner will start wooing back at you in no time! So gather your wits and make the best out of the day!

Lucky colors: Fuchsia, indigo, slate grey.
Lucky numbers: 3, 9, 21, 23

Author: lovescope

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