Gemini Love Horoscope for Monday, April 15, 2019.

This day has the potential to become momentous in your relationship. Circumstances will so arrange themselves that you will find a unique opportunity to speak about your deepest feelings to your partner. Till now, you have preferred to keep certain things about you or in your past hidden from your partner. You have also not been comfortable disclosing your fondest wishes, dreams and aspirations to your partner.


But today you will be seized by a sense of desperation. You will want to tell everything that you have been bottling up to your partner. You think that this will lead to the collapse of your relationship, but you also feel that you can no longer keep your true self hidden. This actually shows that you have deep feelings for your partner and what he / she think matters to you.

The real surprise will not be the revelations you make about yourself, but your partner’s reaction to these revelations. Actually, you have thought and thought about what your partner is going to say about this and have blown this reaction hugely out of proportion. When you do actually make your confession, you will see that your partner takes it all in stride. He / she are going to be understanding and supportive. In fact, you will receive a degree of empathy which you never have received before and never expected. This will help you to realize exactly how deep the feelings and commitments of your partner are towards you.

Lucky color: red, maroon, orange
Lucky number: 2, 9, 5

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