Capricorn Love Horoscope for Wednesday , June 12, 2019.

You have been taking an active romantic interest in a possible partner though your efforts were not meeting with much success. But today a completely different person will appear to you in a new light. This person has been helping you to pursue your romantic interest and have been giving you lots of helpful tips. But perhaps even you do not understand or remember when it became so enjoyable to talk and plan with this person rather than to pursue whoever captured your interest first.


Today, an event or a gesture will serve to make you understand how valuable this person has become to you. Be prepared for some rather deep soul searching as you struggle to unravel the deeper meanings of the different relationships in your life just now.The person whom you have been pursuing with single-mindedness that is rather unusual in you will remain completely indifferent to your feelings.


On the other hand, this close friend has realized long ago that what he / she feels for you goes lot deeper than ordinary friendship and he / she has been struggling with these contradictory feelings. This may actually lead this person to behave in rather an odd way. He / she may go so far as to reject your friendly gestures for fear of falling even more deeply in love with you. It is now up to you to reassure this person and end the torment that he / she has created for own self, but before that you need to deal with your own self doubts.

Lucky color: Pink, crimson, lilac
Lucky number: 41, 6, 38

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