Capricorn Love Horoscope for Tuesday , July 16, 2019

You are at the best of your creativity and imaginativeness. And you just can’t wait to put your thoughts into action! In fact it is a good idea to be with your beloved for the most part of the day. Make evening plans and if there are many plans then make arrangements for them beforehand only. It will be a successful move to impress your partner if you will surprise him or her with a sudden visit and pretend that you have just accidently dropped by his or her office!


This will melt your partner even if he or she is as hard as a rock. And if possible do something which will uplift their status in the working place or in the society! Spend some time together on a beach or a picnic spot or any of your partner’s favorite spot. Pack up the essential items in a basket, pick the favorite appetizers of your partner, and accompany your preparation with a romantic novel also.


Relax in the fresh air and enjoy the friendly discussions and moves of your partner. However if some interruption comes up in your outdoor outing then execute the plan in your living room! If will be good to add some play station games to your romance trip. Your partner is also very talented. He or she may take you over some surprise trips also. So just get ready for a mind blowing day!

Lucky colors: Snow white, yellow, lavender
Lucky numbers: 10, 17, 21, 33

Author: lovescope

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