Capricorn Love Horoscope for Monday, January 20, 2020

You are likely to want to avoid any confrontation today as far as romantic matters are concerned. You feel that the situation has become highly unstable and complex involving a number of other people. You have never been very comfortable talking about your feelings or even analyzing them very closely. But now you have a very uncomfortable certainty that our feelings are soon going to be on display.

If you want to continue to enjoy the loving relationship that you actually desire with your partner, you will have to come out and talk openly about your feelings. This does not come easily to you. But if you take the way out and put on an indifferent front as you are wont to do, you will suffer a serious setback in your romantic life.

Your partner is quite aware of the depth of your feelings, but he / she wants you to acknowledge them as well. Your partner wants a grand romantic gesture while you like to pretend that romance is not important for you at all. Your partner has accommodated you till now, but things may reach a culminating point today. If you still do not come out with a declaration now, your partner will be hurt and disillusioned. You need to put your own insecurities on hold and talk about your real feelings now. You feelings for your partner are deep and genuine. You need to acknowledge and express them though you may find the prospect rather frightening.

Lucky color: orange, rust, brown
Lucky number: 65, 21, 8

Author: lovescope

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