Cancer Love Horoscope for Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Lots of pleasant surprises await you today! You may be greeted with flowers in the beginning of the day, followed by a nice gift capable of bringing a broad smile on your face, and then your partner may seek for your permission to go out with you on a lunch date. And… then comes the biggest of all the surprises, he or she may introduce you to their family! Do not panic, it is a surprise for sure!


God is showering his choicest blessings upon you and contrary to your belief you will be able to establish cordial terms with your mate’s family. Your partner’s family had earlier expressed a strong disapproval for your relationship. Today they are going to give a go to your relation and they may even talk to you about the timing of tying knots with your beloved.Prolonged struggled will come to an end…isn’t it a surprise?


There may be other good things happening to you today as well. Your partner may plan to take you for a small vacation to one of your favorite destinations. Over a drink your partner may turn the flooring of your house into a dance floor and dance for you on your favorite tunes! You will experience that there is abundant love in your partner’s heart for you and this is going to take you into an ecstatic world.

Lucky colors: Burgundy, coffee shade of brown and teal.
Lucky numbers: 2, 7, 16, 23

Author: lovescope

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