Aries Love Horoscope for Monday, April 15, 2019.

You are going to find yourself in such surroundings which will arouse your tender feelings. In fact, you are a person who is strongly susceptible to vibes in your surrounding and the negative energies have been hampering your love life. But today you are going to find yourself in places where you are likely to be surrounded by subtle messages of love. Pictures of couples or things that symbolize love are going to be present and they will influence your romantic ideas.


You may watch an old romantic movie or attend a theatrical performance where love is the main theme. Exposure to such art will lead to a feeling of tenderness and a need to share your deeper feelings with your partner.Your partner is also not immune to the romantic vibes in the air and the feelings of your partner are also as likely to be engaged as yours.


So, when you express your romantic feelings with a tender and thoughtful gesture, expect it to be reciprocated. Your partner can go one step further and actually take the first step to initiate this romantic encounter. This is also a good time to take joint decisions regarding important matters like finance. If you are hunting for a house or an apartment, schedule a viewing today because the vibes of both of you are perfectly in tune today and you will be able to make a quick and right decision which suits both your temperaments.

Lucky color: teal blue, mauve, amber
Lucky number: 5, 8, 10

Author: lovescope

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