Aquarius Love Horoscope for Wednesday, September 18, 2019

There is excitement in the air. You have been keeping a surprise for your partner and today is the day you have chosen to swing your plan into action. Although you have planned everything and do not expect anything to go wrong, you have that sneaky feeling and need to know if today the right day is after all.Your partner has figured the suspense in the air and are looking forward to what you intend to reveal.


Your actions have led him/her to believe that there is something special waiting for him/her after all. Your partner trusts you very much and dreams of a secure future with you.  For today, he/she is eagerly waiting for you and is busy planning on how to look when he/she meets you.Today is a special day for big decisions. It is a rare lucky day for you and your partner and whatever you plan today with all your heart will come true.


Your family, unbeknownst to you, knows of you and your partner and is secretly very happy. While you have a surprise planned with your partner, your family has an even bigger surprise planned for you. You may be taking the plunge soon and according to astral opinion, you and your partner are ready for it.Today is a day which is mostly about planning or putting long overdue planning into action. Spend the day well according to your wishes and spoil your partner by addressing their every whims and spending on him/her well.

Lucky colors – wisteria, sky blue
Lucky numbers – 4, 19, 23, 33

Author: lovescope

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